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The Wynnum Melanoma Centre’s mission is based on provision of meticulously thorough, full skin cancer examinations and is exclusively devoted to mole and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Our doctors have undertaken advanced diagnostic and surgical skills training in skin cancer and are active members of Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

At Wynnum Melanoma Centre we believe that there is no room for shortcuts during a mole examination, as it can place lives at risk. We treat our patients in the same way we would expect ourselves and our families to be treated with care and attention to detail.


We use the latest gold-standard dermatoscopes techniques in skin diagnosis, and have considerable expertise in distinguishing between common moles and malignant conditions, to ensure every site is reviewed and every spot is checked.

The torso examination further comprises of the examination of fingernails followed by the fingers, hands, forearms, arms and armpits (axillae). The face is also examined in detail under magnification. Lastly, the examination comprises of carefully checking the mucous membranes of mouth and eyes and the lymph nodes that skin cancers first metastasize to.

While the “FULL SKIN CHECK” takes half an hour or more, we also offer an immediate “SPOT CHECK” service for up to 3 or 4 moles or spots that may be concerning you.

We provide a meticulously thorough, full skin examination for skin cancers. Full skin check appointments take 30 minutes however those with excessively large numbers of moles are allotted 45 minute or hour long appointments.

The skin check starts with the examination of the toes and toenails and an examination of the feet, the front of the lower limbs, abdomen and chest and front and sides (napes) of the neck. The patient is also requested to roll over and the entire process is repeated. It includes examination of the toenails and feet, backs of the lower legs, thighs, buttocks and the entire back to the posterior neck, including even the scalp.

Instructions before your appointment:

  • Please avoid using any makeups, nail polish, marks on your skin/nails and remove your hair clips; they will interfere with the proper examination of your skin;

  • Check your skin and decide which moles you are concerned the most and show them to your doctor;

  • You will probably need to undress down to your underwear. So, please wear loose clothes that you can easily take off and put on;

  • Skin cancers can appear on any part of your skin. So, if you have any spots or concerned about any, let your doctor know to check under your underwear too.

Morton Town Shopping Centre
7/1795 Wynnum Rd - Tingalpa QLD 4173 

Opposite Chemist Warehouse 

(07) 3348 9000


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