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Q Fever Vaccination

A Workplace Requiremnent

Who should be Vaccinated?

People whose work puts them in contact with high-risk animals or animal products have a high risk of getting infected with Q fever. The vaccine is strongly recommended for people aged 15 years and over who work in high-risk occupations.

People can also be infected outside of work especially in regional and rural areas by breathing in infected particles and dust in the environment. Vaccination is also recommended for anyone aged 15 years and over who may come into contact with Q fever bacteria during activities outside of work or in the areas in which they live, work or visit.


Your doctor will help you decide if vaccination is right for you.

Is the Q fever vaccine effective?

The Q fever vaccine (Q-VAX®) has been licensed for use in Australia since 1989 and has shown to be highly effective in preventing Q fever infection in humans. Since the introduction of the vaccination for high- risk occupations, the rates of Q fever infection have dropped markedly. The vaccine is made in Australia.

What is the process of getting the vaccine?

To avoid the risk of a severe reaction the vaccine should only be given to those who have not been in contact with the bacteria in the past. Pre-vaccination screening has 3 stages:

  1. an interview with your doctor about Q fever infection or past vaccination 

  2. blood test to check for immunity

  3. skin test to check for immunity.

  4. Vaccination on another session

It is possible to have been in contact with Q fever bacteria and not get sick so pre-vaccination screening is essential. Both tests are needed as they are looking for different types of immunity.

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